Chapter 13

Plan to Succeed

Michael’s description of this chapter:

“Success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned for.”—Anonymous 

In previous chapters, we jumped into the DeLorean and travelled back in time to get a grasp of business before the pandemic. History has shown us that one constant through time has been changed. From there, we used the pandemic to highlight the change we are experiencing today and saw how it simply accelerated several inevitable trends, mainly technology, and why everyone should have an entrepreneurial mindset. You may never open your own business, but when you view yourself as the business and the owner of your time, opportunities to move from pandemic to profit greatly increase. Now that the mindset is there, it’s time to start putting it into action. 

Ever since I’ve been in business, I have always been told by my mentors that “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” This resonated so much as I was maturing in both business and my personal life. Failure is all around us. Whether it’s in a business venture, a personal relationship, or a sporting event, people don’t expect the outcome to be a failure. Those who have a solid well-executed plan are usually the ones who win.

In this chapter I leverage the lessons we learned in previous chapters to help set up a plan. It also lay out the environment and some considerations on businesses today and beyond. 

Statistics for small businesses to consider in 2022 and beyond

  • How many small businesses are there in the US?
  • How many jobs are created by small businesses?
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses are huge drivers of the economy
  • What is the top reason for opening a small business?
  • Who is more likely to start up a side hustle?
  • What is the biggest challenge small businesses face post-pandemic?
  • What are the top digital marketing channels among small-business owners?
  • How I pivoted: Russell Peel, founder and owner of Muteki Strong Academy and MMA
Contributing Author:

Russell Peel

Trainer, Business Person, Mindset Coach, Podcaster
Owner of Muteki Strong Academy

Discipline is Freedom.

For many, discipline is a word often tossed around to sound as if you are in control. However many people lack the discipline to see their dreams through. Russell Peel has been preaching discipline through martial arts.

His journey into the martial arts world began in 2002 when he embarked on an adventure to Japan. Ultimately this adventure lasted 11 years.

During his time in Japan he was able to train with and learn from many world class coaches and high level professional athletes from organizations such as Pride F1, K1, and the UFC. With their help Russell obtained many accolades as a martial artist and fighter. More importantly he learned priceless knowledge and skills that he would later pass on to the next generation of athletes.

Among his accolades, he received his black belt in full contact karate and judo which was both certified through established organizations in Japan. He competed professionally in K1 Rules Kickboxing for multiple years and became the 2005 Hokkaido Full-Contact Karate heavyweight Champion. In 2007 he became the All Japan Heavyweight Arm Wrestling Champion.

Since returning to Canada in 2013, Russell established himself as one of the Top Personal Trainers in Calgary. He has trained several promising MMA Fighters, Athletes and Powerlifters. As a coach in 2019 he was able to secure a National Title and Two Championship Belts in MMA, 1 Silver Medal and 5 Gold Medal Finished in Powerlifting.

In that same year he was selected to represent Team Canada at the 100% Raw Worlds in Calgary, Alberta. After an amazing day of lifting against some of the world’s best drug-free lifters, he secured the 1st Place Finish. From 2017 to 2019 he secured several top spots at the SHW in Canada and is the holder of 13 National Records.

He has competed in two different sports at a world class level. With his experience he decided to pursue his dream of opening his own academy. In 2021 during the midst of the pandemic, he opened the doors to Muteki Strong Academy. Muteki when translated from Japanese means “Invisible or Unrivaled.”

It is this very spirit that many samurai warriors brought into battle to overcome their enemies. It is this spirit that Muteki Strong Academy tried to emulate in all aspects of life. To remain strong no matter the circumstance and continue to believe that you are second to none.

Muteki Strong Academy

The Muteki Mindset is key to defeating all obstacles in life. It all starts with you deciding to take that first step towards being invincible. Muteki Strong Academy focuses on martial arts training, fitness, power and improving one’s mindset. With group classes or individual classes, the academy accepts those who want to become the best version of themselves.

Instagram:, @the.canadian.grizzly

Facebook: mutekistrongacademy

Podcast: One.Man.Shit.Show