Who is
Michael Siervo?

For over 20 years I have dedicated myself to exploring the world of personal development, business, fitness and anything that would make me better than I was the day before. I took lessons growing up from an immigrant family. I understood that nothing is given to you and only if you believe in yourself, can you create the life you deserve. I overcame physical disabilities that no one knew about and secretly fought off depression. I have lived a life of wealth and have experienced being broke. Throughout my life, my outlook in the end was one of hope and positivity. When many people thought the rock concert-esque thumbing of a Tony Robbins event was corny, I ate that stuff up. I clapped and jumped and screamed “Yes” to everything I believed. When people said the laws of attraction was bullshit, I said why not? If you can believe in anything, why not believe in something good. Why not believe in you.

Life is about manifesting. It’s about growing. This website is dedicated to that philosophy. It is part of my contribution to a society I believe can exist. One in which people can pursue their goals without fear of judgment or harm. This is for whomever seeks something better in life. You will not find negativity, hate, or evil here.

Who am I? I am someone who believes in the good in the world. I am someone who believes that Ironman and Batman could exist? Why? Because they were just human beings. Imaginary but heck future leaders were imaginary until they were born! The human spirit can do wonders and break records when it simply believes it can. This website is a culmination of everything I believe in. Please enjoy the articles, thoughts and lessons I have learned personally and through other people. Everything I believe in is already inside us. Now it’s time to share it the world. This website will help you do that.


My mission in life is to create a safe environment where anyone can pursue the best version of themselves without fear of harm, judgment or ridicule. And in doing so they can inspire others to do the same so that we can all achieve a sense of true happiness.

Charities I'm Involved With:

United Way is the largest charity in the world. We bring people together to solve complex social issues, address poverty and improve local lives. We believe that everyone should be afforded equitable opportunities to reach their potential in an environment that fosters inclusion, diversity, community.  As a Founding Leadership Ambassador of the United Way of Calgary and Surrounding Area, my role is to use my skills to represent the charity in events, functions, media engagements and help collaborate with other community leaders to develop new opportunities, mentorships programs and steward relationships.

Gems For Gems is a nationally organized, Alberta based charity on a mission to end the cycle of domestic abuse through empowering and supporting survivors. Through scholarships, Gems drives, educational courses, Thrive program, and countless initiatives, this organization is making a huge impact on so many lives who may have lost their voice otherwise. As Gems Ambassador my role is to promote, support and engage with other leaders to create awareness of domestic abuse. 

The goal of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta is to promote collaboration between businesses, elevate business practices and standards of its members and create awareness to the community in which these businesses serve. As the former inaugural Chairman of the Board for the FCCA, I helped build the framework along with a 12 person board to establish networks and processes to provide business support. Currently as a contributing advisor and writer, I provide guidance and mentorship to businesses looking to elevate themselves.

As a son of two immigrant parents I understand the unique stress and challenges immigrants face. The Calgary Bridge Foundation For Youth provides support so that families can bridge their previous lives smoothly to their current life in Canada. As a former Board of Director and Sponsor, I was able to provide funding for the Michael and Vivienne Siervo Scholarship Award. This Scholarship provided funding for the post secondary education of a deserving immigrant child.

With the economic gap between developing and developed countries widening, many less fortunate children, families and businesses struggle to keep up with the ever changing world. Not only does poverty exist in remote areas of the world but in the neighbourhoods we live in today. The working poor continue to struggle to survive as the demands of life continue to rise. The KIND Project stands for “Kindness Is Needed Daily”. Whether it is mentorship, emotional support, financial aid, or positive influences, the goal is to uplift those around us with simple acts of Kindness. Often unseen by the public, we believe that the world can be a better place by simply being kind to each other.