The Real Way To Support A Friend's Business

I’m gonna give you the straight goods here. Real talk. I’ve been in the business world for over 2 decades. During a pandemic, a crisis or any day for that matter, the life of an entrepreneur is hard. People think just because you’re a business owner, you’re wealthy. That’s not the case and least for now. There is a cache to saying you own a business but there are alot of sleepy nights behind that smiling face. Believe me. I know. You have to put on that face because your clients or customers aren’t paying you to hear your struggles. Don’t get fooled by social media. It’s tough. I once read this post that said “Support your friend businesses like you support these celebrities you don’t know.”. That’s so true.

The truth is, sometimes the people closest to you don’t want to see you win. I started a youtube channel and asked some friends to subscribe. They said they did but when I looked at the subscribers, they lied. But that’s okay. We have to forgive them. It’s not their true intentions, sometimes the ones closest to us are just clouded by all the emotions. They may not want you to succeed because they don’t want you to leave them. So don’t leave them. Be a real friend. And if your friends open a business, offer to pay instead of asking for something for free. If your friend is starting a business, throw them a business warming party where everyone gets together to buy the first products. Make it a celebration that everyone can share the positive vibes. So again, be a real friend. If they are trying to grow their online business maybe like their post, leave a nice comment, pay full price, promote it like it’s yours. Because that’s really what that friend is. Yours. Hope this helps. Cheers to all the hustlers and entrepreneurs out there. I feel you. Thank you to all the people that help them along the way. Their success is yours as well. As always, I’m Mike Siervo. Be Kind, Be Great. Be you.