3 Simple Steps On How To Think Big

What’s going on everyone, it’s Michael Siervo. I once read a quote “If you think small, your world will be small. If you think big, your world will be big.” I totally believe this. So how do you think big? 

Simple. When you think BIG. Think B. I. G. 

Books, Influences,  Goals. What are the BOOKS you read to feed your brain, who are your INFLUENCES to to feed your soul and What are your GOALS that feed your drive. 

Let’s go through this.

Books – leaders are readers. Start being a leader in your life.  If you want to get ahead in life you need to have more knowledge than you did yesterday because new shit is coming out everyday. So don’t fall behind by not feeding your brain. Reading opens your mind, improves your perspective, increases your vocabulary and allows you to download knowledge from people who have dedicated their lives on the topic you are reading about. It’s like Neo in the movie The Matrix when he sticks this thing in the back of his head and downloads Kung Fu. That’s what reading is. Not a reader? It’s not as hard as you think. The average person reads at a speed of 250 words a minute. Read 10mins a day, which is 2500 words a day for 30 days, that’s a total of 75,000 words which is equivalent to a 150-200 page book give or take pages for images, chapter, diagrams etc. That’s one book you just read. Multiple by 12 and you’re reading more than the average person. Still not convinced you’re not a reader? Download an audiobook! You have no excuse.

Influences – Napoleon Hill says you are the average of the 5 people you most closely associated with. Who are you hanging out with? Do they inspire you? Do they support you? Do you bring out the best in them? Human beings are wired to connect with each other. We are a communal species that survives mainly through collaboration and cooperation. Humans are hardwired for connection. Neuroscience suggests that we are neurologically wired to connect with others; mirror neurons in our brains are stimulated when we’re interacting with other people. For instance, if the people we associate with are negative, we become negative. If they are positive, we become positive. If they are ambitious and think BIG, so will be. So surround yourself around great influences. One of the best influences we can have are mentors. They can guide you as you learn from their experience. YouTube, ask someone, hire a coach. There’s no excuse not to find the right influences in your life. 

Goal – think defined goals. Don’t be vague like the New Year’s 20 list. Find a goal that you really want. Then list 20 items that would help you get that goal. For instance, if you want to learn a language write 20 things you can do to get you closer (listen to music, read book, meet native speakers, write post it notes around the house, write in Spanish, download an app, read a dictionary, record your voice, watch movies, watch TV shows, teach someone, go to Spanish restaurants, recite words before bed, change the language on your computer, surf websites, watch YouTube lessons, try to think in Spanish, look at everyday items and remember the words, go on vacation, hire a tutor). That’s 20 items just for learning a new language. Do that for your goal. Nelson Mandela once said “there is no passion to be found playing small.” So you might as well think big if you want a life full of passion and purpose. Hope this inspires you. Think Big. Be Brave, Live Bold. I’m Michael Siervo. Till next time, sending you love and good vibes. Peace.